Main Street Revitalization Grant Program Passes Through Legislature

In its final days, the Oregon Legislature has passed the Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant Program. The vote on HB 3526 was an overwhelming 57-2 in the House of Representatives and 29-1 in the Senate. An accompanying bill, HB 5005, provides $2.5 million in lottery funds to carry out the grant program.

HB 3526 establishes Oregon Main Street Revitalization Grant Program for purpose of awarding grants to participants in Oregon Main Street Network for purposes of preservation-based community revitalization and economic development. There are 90 Oregon towns represented in the Network. The Greater Bandon Association is Bandon’s Main Street organization.

Grant funding would be for projects to 1) acquire and rehabilitate properties in designated downtown areas of Oregon; or 2) facilitate community revitalization that will lead to private investment, job creation or retention, establishing or expanding viable businesses or creating a stronger tax base.

The Greater Bandon Association has also received funding to support a full time Americorps staff person to carry out its economic development program beginning this September. One responsibility of the position will be helping to identify the best uses for grant funds and to develop the grant applications to bring the dollars available in the program to Bandon.

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