Volunteer of the Month: Jeff Norris

The Greater Bandon Association has named the recipient of its Volunteer of the Month award. Jeff Norris was recognized as the fourth winner of the new award. He was presented the award in the form of a plaque and a gift certificate donated by Coastal Mist at the February 1 meeting of Bandon’s City Council.

Jeff is an example of that kind of community awareness and caring that has been shared with previous winners of this award. He has been a volunteer for several causes over the years and although he now works for the City in managing the Community center, he devotes far more than the expected hours to make sure that the use of that facility serves the people of Bandon. Jeff previously managed the Sprague Theater with similar dedication and passion.

Jeff has organized parades for our community and directed many productions for the Theatre and the Bandon Playhouse with volunteer hours that are simply uncountable!

The Greater Bandon Association will be honoring one of Bandon’s many volunteers that are making a difference in the community each month. Nominations for the March award should be e-mailed to julie@greaterbandon.org or mailed to P.O. Box 161 by close of business on February 26.


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