Two Army Band Appearances In Bandon

“Oregon’s Own” 234th Army Band will be presenting two musical concerts in Bandon honoring our veteran and current service members and their families. These are free events open to the public sponsored by the Greater Bandon Association and the City of Bandon Parks and Recreation Commission.

The 234th Army Band is comprised of 4 major ensembles. The two ensembles performing in Bandon are “Brass Ops” and “General Discord”. “Brass Ops” will perform at City Park on Sunday, July 24 from 1 to 4 PM. The other ensemble, “General Dischord”, will do a 90 minute concert at the Sprague Theater on Tuesday, July 26 starting at 6:30.

“Brass Ops” is a 12 member musical performance team of the 234th Army Band. The brass band features high energy traditional and contemporary brass arrangements, marches and historical literature to tell the Army story through music. Their performance kicks off Music In The Park which will continue each Sunday afternoon in August with a wide variety of local performers.

“General Dischord” is a 13 member woodwind classical musical ensemble. This year’s program includes traditional marches, as well as music from West Side Story, Star Wars, Queen, David Bowie, selections from the operas Susannah and The Marriage of Figaro, and Dvorak’s Serenade for Wind Instruments.

For more information, contact the Greater Bandon Association at (541) 297-2342.


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