Old Town Halloween: Bandon Card & Gift; Toy Room; By The Sea Treasure

All Halloween cards and decor will be 50% off at Bandon Card and Gifts on Halloween in Old Town. Adjoining stores The Toy Room and By the Sea Treasures will have candy for Trick-and-Treaters. The Greater Bandon Association invites trick-or-treaters of all ages to come down to Old Town from 4 to 6 PM on Monday, October 31st to celebrate Halloween. For parents looking for a safe environment to take their children for trick or treating, our Old Town shops will provide that for you. Old Town businesses will be passing out candy and treats. Participating businesses will have signs posted in their windows and doors and include Brewed Awakenings, The Sassy Seagull, The Big Wheel Fudge Factory, Coastal Mist,, WinterRiver Books, Art By The Sea Gallery, Century 21, Washed Ashore, Devon’s Boutique and more.

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