Night of 10,000 Lights Kids Photos

For those seeking pictures taken with Santa and the kids, photographer Gary Edmiston is testing them on a webpage today. Assuming all goes well, we will be posting the link to that location on our website, facebook page and Bandon’s Night of 10,000 lights page tomorrow.


  1. Christy Sanders · · Reply

    I have been checking this site daily looking for the pictures of the kids taken with Santa. Is there anyway to get these before Christmas?


    1. Christy, the photos are available on both our Greater Bandon Association and on our Bandon’s Night of 10,000 Lights Facebook pages for over a week now. Will get them up here tomorrow, but you can find them on Facebook right now.


      1. Christy Sanders · ·

        Thanks for your reply. I don’t do Facebook. I just haven’t found the right link to click on then when I go to your Greater Bandon page to find them.


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