Alive After Five: Devon’s Boutique, Cobbler’s Bench

Devon’s Boutique welcomes you for Friday’s Alive After Five with Sparkling Prosecco, savory cheese bites and a sweet dessert treat. Come see what all the excitement’s about!

And while you are there, drop by next door. While the Masonic Building is under repair, the Cobbler’s Bench is open for business and will be Alive After Five!

Alive After Five returns to its third Friday of the month format on July 20th. Alive After Five runs from 5 to 8 PM in Old Town Bandon and features art, music, food, refreshments and other activities. Many Old Town shops will be offering bargains as well.

A wine walk is one of the highlights of Alive After Five. To participate in the wine walk, glasses and walking maps will be on sale for $10 at the glass picnic shelter on the Boardwalk.

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