Community Work Session Planned for GBA Main Street Refresh

A “refreshed” Greater Bandon Association is moving forward guided by a new economic revitalization strategy based upon resident input and an analysis of our local market. It is inviting the general public to a community work session on Monday evening September 17th at the Barn at 6:30PM to hear more about this exciting direction and to complete a workplan for GBA activities that are getting underway as a result.

This is the result of Bandon having been chosen to pilot a nation-wide update to the traditional four-point Main Street approach. The “refreshed” approach embraces a more strategic, outcome-oriented model that puts a focus on economic impact. It stresses community engagement in developing strategies based on a firmer understanding of the local market.

The strategy chosen, relaxed coastal living, was based on input from the community reflecting their appreciation and support for maintaining Bandon’s small-town charm possesses and expanding the categories of goods and services to make Bandon even more livable. Many people living here now were previous visitors to Bandon and were attracted to live here because of that lifestyle. To the extent that tourism will continue to receive a focus, GBA will build on the authenticity of downtown that makes it inviting to local people and, in the process, will make it more inviting to visitors as well.

Since adopting this strategy, GBA has had teams working in areas like promotion, design and economic vitality to develop goals with action steps for GBA to move its community transformation work forward. It will be finalizing these work plans at the community work session and will be seeking the help of those interested in participating in making Bandon an even more livable community.

Join GBA and its many community volunteers on the evening of September 17th at the Barn.

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