Nog/Wine walk & Cider Stroll: The Raven

One spot you will not want to miss on Saturday’s Nog/Wine Walk and Cider Stroll is The Raven, housed in the same building with the Wheelhouse. Danielle and Rose Anne will be offering assorted red & white wines, cider and nosh.

The Nog/Wine Walk and Cider Stroll through Old Town Bandon will proceed the Bandon’s Lighted Christmas Parade on Saturday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Glasses for the walk will be on sale and available at 3:00 for $10 at the Cobbler’s Bench.

There will also be the annual Holiday Spirit Challenge for the best decorated shop in Old Town that day. Ballots will be available at the Cobbler’s Bench where the glasses are sold. The last Holiday Spirit Challenge winner was Esscents Candles.

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