Alive After Five Celebrates Chocolate Cupcake Day October 18

Friday, Oct 18th is the last Alive After Five before the holiday season and it will be celebrating National Chocolate Cupcake Day. It’s a great opportunity to check out all things chocolate, from food & drink products to cookbooks to related merchandise (such as t-shirts & mugs mentioning chocolate, or chocolate-colored products). Alive After Five runs from 5 to 7 PM in Old Town Bandon and features art, music, food, refreshments and other activities.

A wine walk is one of the highlights of Alive After Five To participate in the wine walk, glasses and walking maps will be on sale for $10 at the glass picnic shelter on the Boardwalk when the event opens at 5 PM until 6:30.

The Greater Bandon Association organizes the Alive After Five activities. Proceeds benefit upcoming local public events in Bandon such as the Night of 10,000 Lights, Gorse Blossom Festival, Volunteer of the Month program as well as support GBA’s economic development initiatives. Call (541) 551-1663 for details.

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