2021 Gorse Blossom Festival Cancelled

We are all looking forward to 2021 with the prospect of a vaccine for COVID19 and the hope for our lives to get back to the people, places, and things we love to do! However, we do not know what the restrictions will be on events during the middle part of February, but our main concerns are: (1) Will restrictions relax enough for large events to be held; and (2) will people feel comfortable enough to travel to and attend such gatherings.

Based on the above, we believe it is in the best interest of all that we cancel the Gorse Blossom Festival for 2021 and come back strong in 2022. We will continue to support efforts to educate the public on the need for gorse eradication. And we may pursue some of the more popular activities associated with the Festival later.

We really do appreciate all the visitors and residents that have attended our first four Festivals. We are especially thankful to all the vendors, educators, local shops, musicians, and volunteers that have made our venue a success. Thanks again for sticking with us and let us make Gorse Blossom Festival 2022 our grandest yet!

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