Bilderbacks Volunteers of the Month

Diane and Dave Bilderback were recognized by the Greater Bandon Association as Bandon’s Volunteers of the Month for July at the July 12th meeting of Bandon’s City Council. GBA presents this award to one the many outstanding individuals that contribute to making Bandon a better community to live in. Diane and Dave were presented the award in the form of a plaque and a gift certificate from Edgewaters.  

Much scientific research and studies depend upon volunteers to make observations and report their data to the lead researchers for analysis. In Bandon, it is Diane and Dave that contribute hundreds of hours each year to this citizen science.

Currently, they are leading a Black Oystercatcher reproduction survey, observing nests up and down Bandon’s coastal rocks. They began this work with Oregon State University dozens of years ago which has now been passed onto to Portland Audubon Society as part of an effort in the three western coastal states. The Bilderbacks have monitored over dozens of nests annually and have recruited and trained other Bandonites to assist them in the effort.

Some may wonder what happens to the dead birds and other carcasses that they encounter in the sand on our beaches. Diane and Dave have been part of the beach cleanup in our area for many years. When they come across an unusual specimen that can be preserved, they prepare and take it to the Marine Life Center in Charleston. Some of the displays that you see there have been contributions for the Bilderbacks.

And at the end of each year, the Bilderbacks have been participants in the National Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count. They have led the south Bandon sector of that count for many years, an important sector as it is the one in the count that is home to the endangered species, the Western Snowy Plover.

The Greater Bandon Association will be honoring one of Bandon’s many volunteers that are making a difference in the community each month. Nominations for the August award should be e-mailed to or mailed to P.O. Box 161 by close of business on July 23rd.

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