Volunteer of The Month: Myra Lawson

Myra Lawson was recognized by the Greater Bandon Association as Bandon’s Volunteer of the Month for October 2022. Bandon City Councilor and Greater Bandon Association Board President Peter Braun and Harv Schubothe, Greater Bandon Association executive director, visited Myra at her home on October 20th to present her the award. Myra was presented the award in the form of a commemorative plaque and with a gift certificate contributed by WinterRiver Books.

Myra and husband Jim have volunteered support for almost 30 organizations here locally. Her passions have been many, including her work with youth. This includes Bandon School District’s special education program, the Bandon Youth Center and are best illustrated by weekly visits to Ocean Crest Elementary for 13 years.

Myra likewise devoted much attention to protecting our environment through support for the Southern Oregon Land Trust and Wild Rivers Land Conservancy among others. She presented testimony on countless occasions to Bandon’s Planning Commission and City Council on land use issues in our area as well as regional initiatives that could impact our environment.

Beyond advocating for issues near and dear to her heart, Myra has spent many hours helping ensure our right to vote. She volunteered many hours to help the County count votes as an election worker. She helped keep us informed about candidates with the League of Women Voters.

Perhaps there has been no greater effort over the years where Myra has devoted more energy than her leadership in trying to bring a public swimming pool to our community. Her tireless work has yet to make this happen. When it does, it would seem most fitting to memorialize it as the Myra Lawson Community Swimming Pool.  

The Greater Bandon Association will be honoring one of Bandon’s many volunteers that are making a difference in the community each month. Nominations for the October award should be e-mailed to ninerharv2@msn.com or mailed to P.O. Box 161 by close of business on October 31st.

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