GBA have four areas of focus as part of the Main Street approach: organization, promotion, design and economic revitalization. Building consensus and cooperation is vital our success and a primary example of our organizational activities are our community forums and summits aimed at promoting more communication, cooperation among Bandon’s many community groups.

Marketing or promoting our unique characteristics and developing effective promotional activities will increase visibility as well as attract local residents and new businesses to town. We introduced “Alive After Five” to demonstrate that the streets of our town do not roll up at 5PM. We introduced Bandon’s Night of 1000 Lights bringing back the Community Christmas Tree.

Design activities try to make our streets more inviting and show community pride. From seasonal cleanup campaigns to technical assistance to local businesses on the elements of good design, we try to get our downtown in top physical shape. Working with the City of Bandon to create and administer a façade improvement loan program is a prime example.

Our program is also working to bring new businesses to the area, help existing businesses to expand and helping the town polish its competitive edge.

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