Main Street Refresh

The Greater Bandon Association is the local non-profit organization created to apply the Main Street Four-Point Approach that helps downtowns to strengthen their culture, commerce, and economy while preserving their unique character. In 2016, the National Main Street Center launched a refreshed methodology to ensure Main Street organizations like GBA are equipped to deal with new market forces and economic challenges facing downtowns and commercial districts today.

The Refresh process is coming to Oregon. The National Main Street Center will start in Bandon in the Spring of 2018, helping the Greater Bandon Association focus its downtown revitalization efforts through the refreshed model. Upon completion of this pilot, Oregon Main Street will assist five more local Main Street organization in Oregon by bringing the Refreshed framework to their downtown revitalization efforts in the fall.

The approach emphasizes having one or two overarching economic (or ‘market-based’) goals/strategies to provide a unifying direction and focus that aligns the work of the organization’s staff, volunteers and committees. The process is community-driven by inviting stakeholders from all sectors to be proactive participants in providing a foundation for the community’s identity, expectations and ideals. At the same time, the process confirms real and perceived perceptions, needs and opportunities.

With a set of strategies in place, the organization can put together the activities, resources and people power necessary to bring the strategies to life. With a focus on impact, progress will be measured by economic metrics and on qualitative outcomes.

Information about the Main Street Refresh can be found on the National Main Street Center’s website at:

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