Bandon is a designated Oregon Main Street Town. Bandon’s Main Street Organization is the Greater Bandon By The Sea Association.

Mission Statement

The Greater Bandon Association is a catalytic community building organization dedicated to the community and economic vitalization of the greater Bandon area with a focus on preserving and building upon its historical assets and culture.

Vision Statement

Our approach to revitalization is a commitment to creating a place of shared prosperity, equal access to opportunity and inclusive engagement. We wish to develop and implement community-based strategies to enhance economic opportunity, build strong neighborhoods and ensure a dynamic framework for quality growth and development.

Core Values

Our core values are based upon our community members’ appreciation of and support for:

  • maintaining the small-town charm that Bandon possesses;
  • natural and cultural amenities that attract people to live in and visit Bandon:
  • expanding categories of goods and services to make Bandon even more livable;
  • outdoor recreational opportunities;
  • supporting locally produced goods that are unique to the area;
  • focusing on tourism strategies that invite visitors to enjoy what Bandon has to offer.

Organization-Wide Strategies

Our overall strategies are to be local serving and appealing to visitors. To accomplish this, our transformation strategy is Relaxed Coastal Living. To achieve that, we have identified the following markets:

  • Family and active retiree – active retiree reflects our demography and knowledge of the people who come to the community, love the area, and decide to retire in Bandon. Family friendly reflects a desire to make Bandon a place where people can stay and raise their families or attract more families to Bandon.
  • Local goods and services – reflect a desire to have easier access to basic goods and services to meet the needs of residents and visitors.
  • Enhanced visitor experience – reflects building upon the authenticity of downtown that makes it invite for local people and, in the process make it invite to visitors as well.
  • Local coastal cuisine – reflects the number of businesses that sell and serve locally produced items as well as the availability of fresh local seafood and produce. This reflects local market trends and community energy towards becoming a “foodie” destination.

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