Design means getting Bandon in top physical shape. Capitalizing on its best assets—such as historic buildings and its quaint Old Town layout—is just part of the story. An inviting atmosphere created through window displays, signs, sidewalks, street lights, landscaping, parks and beach/waterfront conveys a visual message about what Bandon is and what it has the offer.

Design plays a key role in the shaping the physical image of Bandon as a place attractive to residents, investors, business owners and visitors. The Greater Bandon Association works with business and property owners and civic leaders for physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public improvements by:masonsHR image

  • Educating others about good design—enhancing the image of each property as well as that of the entire community;
  • Providing good design advice—encouraging quality improvements to private properties and public spaces;
  • Planning Bandon’s development—guiding future growth and shaping regulations; and
  • Motivating others to make changes—creating incentives and targeting key projects.

The Greater Bandon Association, working with the State Main Street coordinator, provides design assistance, including:

  • Offering building and property owners conceptual plans and written guidelines on improvements to facades, signs and display, including storefront design workshops and one-on-one assistance;
  • Providing information on materials for building and storefront improvements; and
  • Working with city government on future public improvements through the façade improvement loan and other programs.

Design assistance follows our work in design education. This has included:

  • Helping familiarize with the towns unique character and assets through building inventories;
  • Improving design awareness and skills though storefront design workshops; and
  • Calling attention to and guiding owners through appropriate improvements.

The Greater Bandon Association also provides planning and other tools. These include:

  • Designing support and financial incentives, such as the City’s Façade Improvement Loan Program;
  • Plans for public improvements for the City’s Urban Renewal District; and
  • City-wide cleanup campaigns.

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