Volunteer of the Month

One of the most amazing things in our small community of Bandon is the large number of our residents who step up to give back to this community. Now you can join us in recognizing the time and energy that they contribute for which their only reward is knowing that they have made a difference in the lives of Bandon’s families and children. The Greater Bandon Association will be honoring a Community Volunteer of the Month with the first award to be announced at the beginning of November.

Many of Bandon’s non-profit organizations are made up of primarily or even exclusively of volunteers. They are their the engine providing the labor and materials that allow these organizations to complete their mission and to serve those in our community in need.

But volunteers are a key part of some much else in our community. Many of our younger volunteers are engaged in youth activities such as youth sports. They spend countless hours teaching and mentoring youth on teamwork, competing within the rules, handling setbacks as well as successes and other lessons that aren’t always easily teached in the classroom or at home. They are crucial to developing our young people.

Our local government benefits from the work of volunteers as well. Our rural fire district is primarily made up of volunteers. Support service volunteers help our Police Department patrol the streets of our community. Many residents step forward to volunteer their time to help involve citizens or to beautify our community. They volunteer their time to serve on various Commissions like Planning or Parks and Recreation not to mention our elected officials including the Mayor and Council.

Elected officials for our schools and hospital are all volunteers. So are the citizens that step forward to oversee budgets and finances of these districts. Volunteers help our Community Health Center deliver their services and help raise funds to purchase life-saving equipment.

And there are many, many more examples of people going the extra mile to making Bandon such a wonderful place to live and that we can feel proud of. Now its time to start recognizing all these contributors in our community.

All we ask is that you send us your nominations for GBA’s Community Volunteer of the Month. We are not asking or requiring that any elaborate form be completed. Simply e-mail your nominee with a brief description of where they volunteer their time and what they contribute to our community as a volunteer to harv@greaterbandon.org or dana@greaterbandon.org. Or you can submit a written nomination to our P.O. Box 161, Bandon 97411.

Pictured below are some of our award winners: Allison Hundley, Jim Proehl, Jeff Norris, Bill Russell, Anne Sobbota, Tom Jefferson, Terrie Loomis, Troy Russell, Juanita & Bob Graville, Nita Watson, Horty Joyce, Harv Schubothe, Gail Nordstrom, Libby Wyatt, Patricia Seidler, Rushel Reed, Steve Buck, Bill Stenberg  and Susan Ryan, John Towne, Maureen Haggerty, Geri Proceto, Elaine Caldwell, The Port of Bandon’s Shutter Creek Inmate Work Crew, Bill Binnewies, Steve Pounder, Anthony Zunino, Kathy Dornath, Roger Straus, Margaret Pounder, Elizabeth Hewitt, Dana Nichols, Kim Russell, Briana Hutchens, Art and Mary Carol Roberson, Brian Vick, Bandon Rural Firefighters, Eric and Colleen Wiesel, Joe Addair, Esther Williams, Ashley Strain, Diane Kimes, Becky Armistead, Jim Seeley, Christine Roberts, Sharron Schmidt and Pat Sherwood, Diane and Dave Bilderback, Amy Moss Strong, David Hisel, Donna Mason, Myra Lawson, Christine Hall and Peter Braun.

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