Alive After Five

Come on down to Old Town Bandon to Enjoy Alive After Five.

 This activity is monthly art and wine walk in Old Town Bandon. It was created to combat the image of residents and visitors alike that Old Town Bandon rolls up its sidewalks at 5 PM. A second purpose is to encourage local businesses to extend their hours on a regular basis by demonstrating the economic benefits to them of doing so. Most importantly, it allows visitors and residents alike an opportunity to see all that Old Town Bandon has to offer.


Alive After Five will kick off this month. We’ll also be running the wine walk from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM this year (except October-it’s too dark!).

The theme of 2019’s Alive After Five is “Everyday’s a Holiday in Bandon,” celebrating obscure national days. The current schedule of events include:

June 21: National Selfie Day
July 4th: Fourth of July
July 19th: Culinary Arts Appreciation Day
Aug 16th: Rum Day
Sept 27th: World Tourism Day
Oct 18th: National Chocolate Cupcake Day
Nov 30th: Night of 10,000 Lights

Call Neal Davis at (541) 551-1663 for more details.





  1. Corrine G. Simone-Settle · · Reply

    Is there a WINE WALK on November 24th along with the nog walk and tree lighting?


    1. Yes. Some stops will have wine, some egg nog with some of that loaded while many will have cider. It is Small Business Saturday.


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