The image of a Main Street town will determine its potential for vitality and prosperity. When a town’s image declines, consumer confidence drops, businesses close, property values sink and the community deteriorates. But physical image, addressed by design improvements, is just part of the story.

Promotion strengthens the town’s image and marketability in several ways:GBA Old Town clock HR image

  • Changes community attitudes by focusing attention on the town’s best assets and potential;
  • Builds a unified image by targeting a clear niche with materials and activity;
  • Generates fresh activity, helping reestablish downtown as the center of community life;
  • Communicates progress and excitement, attracting more investors, residents and visitors.

The elements of the Greater Bandon Association’s promotion work include:

  • Image-building events: Help the community recognize and celebrate Bandon’s importance and progress through public displays and special events, such as Alive After Five and Bandon’s Night of 10,000 Lights.
  • Image advertising: Promotes Bandon’s unique qualities through newspaper, radio, television, social media and mail ads.
  • Media relations: Generate publicity through accurate, detailed and interesting press releases and timely communication with media contacts who have been carefully cultivated.
  • Collateral materials: Repeat the logo/graphic on print materials, souvenirs and in business and other establishments.

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